Morning Ram-blings: NFL D-League?

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- On Wednesday, NFL Nation columnist Kevin Seifert's Hot Read took a deeper look at the idea of a developmental league for the NFL.

Much like the NBA's D-League or the minor leagues in baseball, the idea is simple: add a place for players who might not quite be ready for the big show and allow them to develop before arriving in the NFL.

Part of the impetus for that idea comes from something Seifert wrote on Thursday about the number of underclassmen declaring for the draft. As we already know, those numbers continue to reach record highs.

Frankly, I don't have much to add to Seifert's two pieces since I agree a developmental league would be a great idea and something that all teams would likely embrace.

I will, however, throw in Rams coach Jeff Fisher's thoughts in this space. He was asked about the idea Thursday. Here's what he had to say:

“I’m absolutely, 100 percent in favor of something like that, yes,” Fisher said. “There’s been discussions over the last couple years. I don’t know what direction it’s going, but I think we have a need for it. I think it would be beneficial from a young player's standpoint. It would be beneficial to go outside if you have to make an outside roster move to get somebody that’s in shape that you can evaluate on film.

"In addition to that, it would be extremely beneficial for the officiating department, and coaching for that matter.”


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