Searching for top 3 plays in Rams history

Coming later this summer, the 32 NFL nation reporters will be unveiling the top three plays in the history of each team in the league.

But to get there, we are seeking help from you, the fans. Obviously, the goal here will be to figure the three plays that most define the Rams. That means we aren't limiting this to the team's tenure in St. Louis. It's open to Los Angeles or even Cleveland if your memory takes you back that far.

The eventual goal is to winnow the many plays in the team's history to a top three and then put them in order from one to three. I've already begun seeking opinions on Twitter and you can chime in there using hashtag #NFLNRamsTopPlays.

Many of those responses have focused on the same three plays that initially jumped out at me. Those three plays are Isaac Bruce's game-winning touchdown catch in Super Bowl XXXIV, linebacker Mike Jones' touchdown saving tackle in that same game and Ricky Proehl's game-winning touchdown catch against Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship Game to get the Rams to that Super Bowl.

Clearly, the idea here is to go with plays that are not only memorable but left an indelible mark on the franchise's history. So while there are many other eye-popping plays in the organization's history, those three stand out for how meaningful they were in winning the Rams a championship.

But to be clear, we are open for suggestions.

So if you have some thoughts, feel free to do so in the comments below this post or on Twitter using the hashtag #NFLNRamsTopPlays. Your help is appreciated.