Morning Ram-blings: Locker room 'code'

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- I wanted to get this into the Ram-blings earlier in the week but wanted to make sure I could get it here in the lead portion so that it would be easily seen.

Much has been written and said about the situation involving Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin and the Miami Dolphins in the weeks following the initial revelations about bullying in the locker room.

Since, we've seen the text message exchanges between Incognito and Martin come to light as well as the recent release of Ted Wells' report in which he investigated the situation and revealed his findings.

Of all that has been written or said, I don't believe you'll find anything more important to read on the subject than this piece from ESPN's Mark Schlereth. Schlereth spent plenty of time in NFL locker rooms and emphasizes the importance of realizing that what went on in Miami is far from the norm. Beyond that, Schlereth also provides the added perspective of someone who has been on the wrong end of bullying in his life.

What follows is a deeply personal, passionate, professional and thoughtful take on what the NFL's "locker room code" is really all about. I don't feel the need to add any more opinion or insight on to what Schlereth has to say. To me, he's done it all beautifully in this piece. If you have Incognito fatigue, I understand but if you only read one piece about the whole situation, I strongly recommend it's this one.


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