NFLN survey/Super Bowl player: Rams

ST. LOUIS -- As part of the on-going reveal of answers to the NFL Nation survey which polled 320 players on a variety of questions, we've reached the release of the answer to a poll question that I don't believe is much different than the one asking which player is most respected by his peers.

The only twist here is that the question asks which player (active, non-teammate) would you like to see in the Super Bowl? The pre-requisite was that the player named couldn't have already been to one. Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson edged Atlanta tight end Tony Gonzalez to take top honors as a whopping 88 players received votes.

Two things struck me as I asked around the Rams locker room.

First, how much many of the players would simply like to have a winning season or just get to the playoffs let alone a Super Bowl. I'm confident in saying that these Rams would have voted for a current teammate if given the chance.

Second, I was a bit surprised not to hear Steven Jackson's name mentioned a bit more. Now, many players named a friend playing somewhere in the league and Jackson's name did come up, but I wondered if it would be more popular. When looking at the Falcons, though, it's clear most players think of Gonzalez before Jackson.