Heisman ballot: Week 6

A little shuffling at the bottom, but the top three remain the same from last week. Here's the results from the ESPN.com poll followed by my ballot. Debate away.

  1. Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford: Another stellar performance keeps him atop the list. The interception shows up on the stat sheet, but anyone who saw the game knows that one's not on him. He was 26-of-33 for 370 yards (second highest of his career) with three touchdowns. Easily could have been five, but twice receivers were tackled at the 1-yard line. And he didn't play the final 8:20. For the record, he's sat out 34 minutes and two seconds this year. Imagine what his season numbers would look like with another half of a game.

  2. Kellen Moore, quarterback, Boise State: A nice bounce back after the two interceptions last week. His passing yards were a little down, but that's because it was the second lowest number of attempts this season. Still three touchdowns and 74.2 completion percentage is solid. Not exactly a performance for him to be on the rise. But nothing to drop him over.

  3. Russell Wilson, quarterback, Wisconsin: As with every player, I won't drop you when you're on bye. Though his team managed to leap-frog Stanford in the Coaches Poll.

  4. Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor: Like Moore, a nice bounce-back game for Griffin. Just one touchdown in the air and 212 passing, but it was relatively mistake free, and his 107 yards on the ground was a season high and he's still leading the nation in touchdowns and completion percentage.

  5. Denard Robinson, quarterback, Michigan: Dropped him from No. 4 to No. 5 because of the three interceptions. Kept him in the top five because of the 337 passing yards and 117 rushing yards and four touchdowns (two in the air, two on the ground). A lot of questions about Michigan finally going on the road. He answered them in his usual, not-so-clean-but-always-compelling fashion.