Four downs with Devon Carrington

Stanford's up-and-coming safety talks about some of the challenges the Cardinal face this week heading south to take on USC.

First down: The defense is coming off a game where it allowed the most rushing yards of the season (172). What do you take from that?

Devon Carrington: It's something we have to correct. We went back in film and watched it and the coaches addressed it. The focus is on USC and they are very similar in their style as Washington. It's something we'll make the adjustments for and I think we'll be fine.

Second down: How does Robert Woods compare to some of the other wide receivers you've faced this year?

Carrington: He's an outstanding player, like all of the other receivers we've faced. We have to know where he is on the field at all times and make our adjustments accordingly and play our defense and just be aware that you might have to make a play at any time.

Third down: What are some of the other challenges USC presents on offense besides Woods?

Carrington: They are a very balanced offense. They have a great running game. So when a team like that runs the ball, it sets them up for the play-action pass. They have a great QB in (Matt) Barkley. They are good at establishing the run. We have to be on our Ps and Qs and stop the run first and go from there.

Fourth down: Coming off of a 44-point victory, what's the confidence level of the team right now?

Carrington: It was a great win for us. But ever since Monday, it's left our minds and we're trying to go 1-0 each week so we can accomplish some of our goals this year.