Breaking down Coby Fleener

The folks at Scouts Inc. did a breakdown of the top five tight end prospectsInsider in the upcoming NFL draft, and Stanford's Coby Fleener ranks awfully high, writes Steve Muench.

They broke down the tight ends by five catagories; separation skills, ball skills, big-play ability, competitiveness and blocking.

Fleener ranks in the top two in four of the five categories and first overall in ball skills.

Writes Muench:

Fleener (6-6, 252) makes the most of his long arms and big hands. He plucks the ball out of the air instead of letting it get to his frame and can easily make one-handed grabs. His ability to adjust to back-shoulder passes and make plays in traffic is also impressive.

Fleener, who led all Cardinal players with 10 touchdown receptions this season, is expected to be one of the top two tight ends taken in the draft. He caught 32 balls for 648 yards and a team-high average (among players with at least two catches) of 20.2 yards per reception.