Four downs with Ty Montgomery

Stanford true freshman wide receiver Ty Montgomery emerged as one of the bright up-and-coming skill players in the Pac-12. He appeared in all 12 games -- solely on special teams early on. But he was slowly integrated into the offense more and when wide receiver Chris Owusu went down with injuries, he stepped into the starting lineup for three games.

Montgomery finished the year with 17 catches off of 27 targets for 230 yards and a touchdown. He's aligned himself nicely to be Stanford's deep threat of the future and showed a flair for returning kickoffs, averaging 25.3 yards per return, including a 96-yard touchdown.

First down: Reflect on your season as a whole and what you were able to accomplish.

I thought I had a lot of growth, which is something I wanted to do coming in. I wasn't as polished. I'm not saying I'm completely polished right now, but I feel like I've gotten better. I'm playing faster -- faster than I used to. Hopefully next year I'll be able to play faster and actually get faster and get bigger and stronger.

Second down: No one likes injuries, but did replacing Chris Owusu force your development?

When that pressure was put on me and when Chris went down, we knew someone was going to have to step up. If they call my name, I was going to have to do it. It helped me pick up things a lot faster.

Third down: Was this the kind of contribution you expected to be making in your freshman season?

Not at all. Not this big. I thought I'd follow a little more than I had to this year. But it helped me grow up and pick up things a lot faster. I think it's going to help a lot next year, for sure, getting the great experience I had this year. I have a pretty good understanding of the offense.

Fourth down: You're losing a lot on offense to graduation/NFL. Do you think you guys will be able to maintain the same level?

I feel confident. There is an attitude that the coaches have and they expect all of us to have. We've been coached up well to handle adversity no matter what pops up, I know we'll be able to handle it.