Stanford Top 10 moments: No. 8

With one game left to play we're taking a look back at some of the memorable moments/series of moments from Stanford's 2011 season. Some were individual plays, others were a series of plays or games as a whole that were significant to the season.


Setting the scene: It was mop up time in Durham, N.C., with the Stanford Cardinal well in control, leading Duke 37-7. Backup quarterback Brett Nottingham was running the offense, and a plucky young fullback named Geoff Meinken took a second-and-five handoff 40 yards.

Why it's memorable: The stiff arm was just fantastic. Meinken actually elevates the defender while staying on his feet. And as defenders eventually start to swarm around him, he covers up the ball with both hands. Textbook.

He would follow it up with a 14-yard run on the next play before Tyler Gaffney finished the scoring drive a 1-yard run.

It was the longest run from scrimmage at the time, and really the first of many iconic moments for Stanford fullbacks this season. Probably the coolest part of the play -- which the replay barely captures -- was how excited the rest of the players were. It's all anyone wanted to talk about in the postgame news conference. While Meinken leaves plenty of room for improvement in the break-away speed department, he's got the stiff-arm thing nailed.