Big Board update

Mel Kiper's latest Big Board is out, and quarterbacks are moving up the charts -- specifically Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck remains at No. 1, followed by offensive tackle Jonathan Martin at No. 9 (previously No. 7 last week) and guard David DeCastro at No. 18 (up one spot from No. 19 last week).

While Griffin and USC quarterback Matt Barkley are making a push (Barkley is at No. 6, Griffin at No. 7), Kiper says there is no need for Luck to worry.

Writes Kiper:

While I've heard some scouts and evaluators discuss Griffin in the same class as Andrew Luck, I'm not willing to go that far. I still think Luck is, by far in fact, the likeliest play for any team drafting No. 1 overall this spring. But Griffin's great year, combined with Matt Barkley's brilliant finish to his junior season, has made the race for the No. 2 QB to come off the board very interesting. And remember, Barkley could still return to USC. At this time last year, Luck was also a lock to be No. 1.

Plus, you factor in Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones (No. 13) and you have, potentially, four quarterbacks who could be taken in the top 15. As I've previously written, it's going to be a lot of fun 5-10 years from now to look back at this draft class (assuming all four come out) and see where they all are in their careers. This class in particular has the athletes and combined football IQ to put its stamp on the NFL for a long time.