My Heisman ballot, Week 2

I’ve kept my Heisman ballot the same through the second week. But changes will likely be coming once the teams that had byes last week get back on the field.

Here’s the results from this week’s ESPN.com poll in case you missed it.

My ballot:

  1. Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford: He had better numbers in Week 2 than he did against San Jose State. He was 20-of-28 for 290 yards and four touchdowns. He did have one interception, but it was a deflection off his receivers hands that dropped into a waiting defender. On the road, across three time zones and in a tougher climate than he’s used to, he looked poised – even when he took more hits than he should have – and was very efficient. Again, he was relieved in the fourth quarter so the numbers would have been higher had he gone the full 60 minutes. From what I've seen through two weeks, he is the best player in college football.

  2. Kellen Moore, quarterback, Boise State: The Broncos were on a bye, so I won’t drop him down because he didn’t play.

  3. Landry Jones, quarterback, Oklahoma: See above.

  4. Denard Robinson, quarterback, Michigan: Four touchdowns, three interceptions, 338 on the air, 108 on the ground and a last-second win over Notre Dame. I don’t know what to make of this guy. But I know I love watching him play. Check out The Heisman Predictor, which has Robinson leading the pack through two weeks. He's still a little too erratic for my tastes to crack him into the top three, but if he keeps having games like he did against Notre Dame, it's going to be hard to keep him out.

  5. Ronnie Hillman, running back, San Diego State: Hillman battled three time zones and immeasurable emotional factors playing at Army on the 9/11 anniversary weekend. He still had 117 rushing yards and two touchdowns and is the No. 2 runner in the country. He hasn't fumbled in 119 carries. But because of the school he plays for and the conference he is in, those numbers won’t be good enough. To get noticed by the country, he’ll need 175-plus every week and needs to be No. 1 in rushing for people to start turning heads. If he does it against Washington State and at Michigan, people will start to notice.

On the rise:

  • Marcus Lattimore, running back, South Carolina: He's on the verge of cracking my top 5. It's almost a dead draw with him and Hillman right now.

  • Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor: He had a lot of hype after the TCU win. But he also had four months to prepare for that game. I’d like to see a couple more games like that one before passing judgment.

  • Russell Wilson, quarterback, Wisconsin: If his completion percentage stays near 80 percent -- look out. This was a nice breakdown of Wilson from ESPN The Magazine's Ryan McGee.

  • Case Keenum, quarterback, Houston: I'm slowly becoming a believer. But not enough yet to put him in the top 5.