Luck arrives in Indy smelling like first pick

I smell like coffee, a fried egg burrito with hot sauce and befuddlement. New Indianapolis Colts savior Andrew Luck smells differently.

Said former USC tackle and new Luck protector, Winston Justice: “He has that aroma of being the first-round pick.”

ESPN.com's AFC South blogger Paul "Special K" Kuharsky was on hand for Luck's first workout -- his arrival had been delayed because of a rule that keeps players away from team work until their college class finishes its semester -- but there were few surprises to report.

Luck looks the part. Check. He throws well. Check. He carries himself well. Check. He's certain to be the best QB of ALL TIME!

Well, we're going to have to wait on that. It might help if Indy bolsters a deeper roster around him.

What was clear is the NFL-Luck won't go about his business much differently than the Stanford-Luck. He will be unassuming, focusing on the task at hand instead of the hullabaloo that surrounds top overall draft pick, one generally viewed as perhaps the most NFL-star-ready rookie QB in a generation.

From Kuharsky:

As the voice in the middle of the offensive huddle, he showed nice command, teammates said.

That’s not as hard as it may sound, Luck countered.

“It’s always assumed when the quarterback is stepping in the huddle, you’re going to listen, so that part’s easy,” Luck said. “A big part of playing quarterback too is just faking like you know what you’re talking about even if you don’t know it. But I think it is somewhat of a slow process, because he knows what happens when a game starts? I could totally flub it and lose the respect of everybody. You try to build that confidence and trust as practices go on.”

That's vintage Luck, batting away a question that asks him to celebrate himself.

Luck will be on display for the first time during a public afternoon practice Wednesday at Lucas Oil Stadium. It's hard to imagine he won't look like the guy Indy believes can replace future Hall of Famer, Peyton Manning.

Not that Luck sees himself that way.

“I think I have to earn the face of the franchise stuff,” he said. “I try to come in here and learn as much as I can, do my best job so I can help all the guys that are here get back to the playoffs, get back to being a championship team. I don’t know if that will ever sink in. I just try to go about my job and not get too caught up in anything else.”

Yep. Same ole Luck.

By the way, you can see video of him throwing and chatting here.