Owusu should be ready Saturday

Stanford head coach David Shaw said Chris Owusu has not been officially cleared yet, but should be ready for Saturday's home game against No. 25 Washington.

The wide receiver suffered a mild concussion in last week's 44-14 win over Washington State when he took a vicious hit from WSU's Casey Locker. Shaw made it clear after the game that he thought there should have been a penalty because there was contact to Owusu's head.

During his weekly Tuesday meeting with the media, he did not elaborate if he thought it was an illegal hit.

"That's for the league to decide," Shaw said. "I expressed my opinion on game day to the officials and I'll leave it at that."

Shaw said there are a series of progressions that players who suffer concussions -- even mild ones -- have to go through before they can get back on the field.

"He's passed all the tests," Shaw said. "... We just have to go through the progressions. The first day he feels great, that's the first progression."

Shaw said the senior can afford to miss a couple of practices and not fall behind. He added that he's not concerned that the hit will impact Owusu's confidence or force him to play timid.

"It can be difficult for some guys," Shaw said. "Chris bounces back. He's bounced back from a few major injuries. He's a tough kid, loves the game of football. It will be hard for him to stay away. If they clear him to go, he's going to go."