Miller: Cardinal more than just Luck

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- This is no way to win a Heisman Trophy. Forty-four rushes against Washington? What sort of otherworldly quarterback does that? If Andrew Luck is so good, then why is he passing for just 169 yards in a 65-21 victory?

There are two responses to that. First, the rumor that Stanford is a one-player team has all the validity of the urban legend that mixing Pop Rocks and Coke will make your stomach explode. This team has plenty of arrows in its quiver.

Second, Stanford setting a new school single-game rushing record with 446 yards actually is all about Luck. Or, at least, a lot about Luck. Unlike most college QBs who are tightly controlled, he makes play calls at the line of scrimmage. He's checking into the running play that goes for 70 yards here, or 34 yards there. He's opting not to pass, not to pad his statistics. He goes to the line with options -- sometimes just a couple; sometimes five or more -- and his job is to pick the right one. And he's perfectly willing to not call his own number if that's what the defense most fears.

One punt against the No. 25 Huskies suggests he did fairly well with that Saturday.

"The whole game was in Andrew's hands as far as getting to the right run play versus the right look, to the right pass play versus the right look," coach David Shaw said. "And he was 100 percent tonight. He was phenomenal."

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