Heisman ballot: Week 8

A lot of movement this week in the ESPN.com Heisman Expert's poll. A new face joined the ranks of the Top 5 and a familiar one stayed at the top. I cast my ballot like I'm picking stocks. I try not to let the highs get too high or the lows too low.

  1. Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford: Another game that's probably a seven in the stats department and a 10 in the brains department. Luck is so much more than a passer, and we saw that Saturday night against Washington when he called the plays that put the running backs in position to rush for a school record 446 yards. Oh yeah, he threw a couple of touchdowns, also.

  2. Kellen Moore, quarterback, Boise State: Having previously covered the Mountain West the last few years, I know how disciplined Air Force can be. Sure, they aren't LSU, but they are tough, cerebral players who rely on scheme and smarts to make up for a lack of athletic depth. With that said, completing 79 percent of your passes with three touchdowns against the Falcons is a good game.

  3. Trent Richardson, running back, Alabama: He's not going to average 15.2 yards per carry every week. Not a bad game -- certainly not worth dropping him over. His 77 yards and two touchdowns were well earned. And though Tennessee doesn't have the greatest defense in the world, I loved the way he fought for yards and dragged defenders along the way. Speed alone is good, but speed and power are impressive.

  4. Robert Griffin III, quarterback Baylor: On bye, so as always, he won't drop on my ballot. He actually benefited this week from Russell Wilson's bad game and moved back up to the four hole. Like Wilson (read on) he's one questionable game away from falling out of the top five.

  5. Russell Wilson, quarterback, Wisconsin: Just as I wasn't quick to rocket him to the top of the rankings, I'm not going to be as quick to drop him out completely. He's still an amazingly talented quarterback. But with the weight of a major game on his shoulders, he looked anything but poised. He still threw a pair of touchdowns and ran for another. I won't judge his body of work on one game where he wasn't horrible, but he wasn't great. But one more game like that and he's done.