Heisman video latest Luck promotion

Stanford's all-out Andrew Luck media blitz continues.

First it was head coach David Shaw putting together a national conference call with America's college football writers. Then it was a PowerPoint presentation by Shaw, complete with a sneak peek at Stanford's offensive call sheet -- all with the intent of getting would-be Heisman voters to understand what Luck does pre-snap.

The latest effort is a very slick video produced by the school's athletic department. It's got cool voice-overs, heart-pounding music, flashy graphics and plenty of Luck's highlights and stats. It feels like a summer blockbuster trailer. I don't know if Luck is going to throw a touchdown or lead an army of Roman gladiators in revolt.

It's a great video, titled "The Quarterback Redefined: Andrew Luck for Heisman."

Aside from the weekly Andrew Luck update emails, there really hasn't been much of a campaign throughout the season. This is a fun, innovative way for Stanford to get its pro-Luck message out there. Well-produced and well-crafted. Whether it changes any minds or sways voters remains to be seen. But it can't hurt.

Shaw said he prepped Luck for the upcoming full-court media press.

"I said 'We're going to talk a lot about you, and you are going to hate every minute of it,'" Shaw said. " 'Don't pay attention to it. Don't make a big deal out of it. But this is necessary.' The best thing about it is none of it is fabricated. None of it is trying to put a happy face on it. This is the truth."