World Series Preview: Rangers vs Giants

Here's what you need to know about the 106th World Series between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants.


• The team with the better regular season W-L record has lost seven of the last 11 World Series. The Giants were 92-70 this season. The Rangers were 90-72.

• The team that averages more runs per game in the regular season has won 11 of the last 14 World Series. That favors the Rangers who averaged 4.86 runs per game to the Giants 4.30 runs per game.

• The team with the better regular season batting average has won 14 of the last 20 World Series. That favors the Rangers, who hit .276 to the Giants .257.

• The team with the better regular season ERA has LOST 15 of the last 19 World Series. The Giants had a 3.36 ERA in the regular season, the Rangers were at 3.93.

• The Giants pitchers led the NL (and MLB) in opponents’ batting average while the Rangers hitters led the AL (and MLB) in batting average.

• From Elias, this is the fifth matchup of teams in the Divisional Era (since 1969) in which one led their league in opponents’ batting average and the other led their league in batting average. On three of the previous four occasions, the team that led in opponents’ batting average won the World Series.

• The Giants and Rangers shared Bengie Molina this season, with the Giants trading him to Texas on July 1. According to Elias, Molina would be the second player to play in the World Series against a team he played for in the regular season, joining Lonnie Smith (1985 Royals vs Cardinals).

• The four Giants pitchers who have won their starts have combined to allow five runs and 16 hits in 29 innings (1.55 ERA). The six Rangers pitchers who have won their starts have combined to allow five runs and 24 hits in 44 innings (1.02 ERA).

Current Rangers
Career vs Brian Wilson

• No current Ranger has a hit against Giants closer Brian Wilson in his career. Only two Rangers have ever reached base against Wilson, one via an intentional walk and one by a hit by pitch.

FROM ELIAS: The Giants have six one-run wins this postseason, only the third team ever to do that.

• The Giants ranked second in the National League in the regular season in both starters’ ERA (3.54) and relievers’ ERA (2.99).

• The Giants pitchers in September put together one of the best calendar months in the live ball era (since 1920). Only four teams had a lower ERA in a single calendar month than the 1.78 the Giants posted, and only one team -- the Indians in May 1968 -- had a lower opponents’ batting average in a calendar month than the .182 the Giants staff allowed.

Texas Rangers
Notable AL Ranks in 2010

• The Rangers offense has been in top form, having hit at least one home run in every game of the ALDS and ALCS. Their streak of 11 straight games with a home run in a single postseason is second only to the 2004 Houston Astros, who homered in 12 straight postseason games.

• The Rangers finished the season with a 3.93 ERA, their best since 1990 (3.83). Their 3.38 bullpen ERA was their best since 1983 (3.23). Offensively, they led the major leagues in batting average for the third time in team history, the second time in the last three seasons.