Oregon chasing Oklahoma's scoring record

The Oregon Ducks' 53-32 win against the USC Trojans moved them one step closer to an unbeaten record, a Pac-10 title and, potentially, a berth in the BCS Championship game.

But Oregon is currently involved in another pursuit as well. The Ducks are chasing the FBS single-season scoring record of 716 points, set by the 2008 Oklahoma Sooners.

The 8-0 Ducks have scored 439 points, but their 53-point performance against USC actually HURT both their scoring average and pursuit of the record. Oregon was averaging 55.1 points per game heading into Saturday’s game against the Trojans, so its 53-point performance actually lowered the Ducks scoring average to 54.9.

The 2008 Sooners ran up 716 points in 14 games, an average of 51.1 points per game. Through eight games, Oklahoma was averaging 48.3 points.

Chasing 716

The Ducks need to score 278 points over their final four regular-season games and bowl game -- an average of 55.6 per game if they want to break the 2008 Oklahoma record of 716 points.

Oregon will need to average 55.1 points over the course of a 13-game schedule. It looks like Oregon is in fine shape compared to Oklahoma. But don’t forget, the Sooners played 14 games that season – 12 regular-season games, Big 12 Title game and a bowl game. Oregon will only play 13 since the Pac-10 doesn’t have a title game (yet). So the Ducks need to score at a higher pace to break the Sooners’ record.

Then again, Oregon might not care about the record. After all, Oklahoma lost in the BCS Championship Game in 2008, scoring just 14 points against Florida.

Oregon is 8-0 for the first time since 1933, and the Ducks would be more than OK with going undefeated and playing in the BCS Championship game.