Conference Power Rankings: Week 10

Week 10 ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings

The Big Ten has overtaken the Pac-10 once again for the number two spot in our conference rankings. The Big Ten's top four (Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan State and Iowa) all increased their AP vote total and are now all inside the AP top 13.

The Pac-10, on the other hand, only has two schools inside the AP top 17. It does have a small advantage with the computers, but will need one or two of its schools to rise in the human polls to challenge the Big Ten.

For the first time this season, Conference USA has overtaken the Big East in AP voting points. UCF has more AP voting points than the entire Big East Conference, which is interesting as the Knights have recently been rumored as part of the potential Big East expansion. The computers have kept the Big East ahead of Conference USA ... for now.

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