Justin Blackmon better than Dez Bryant

As good as Dez Bryant’s 2008 season at Oklahoma State was, Justin Blackmon’s 2010 year with the Cowboys has been better. Bryant’s banner sophomore year saw him finish tied for second in the nation in receiving touchdowns (19) and third in the FBS in receiving yards per game (113.8). And his 1,480 receiving yards were the second most in school history.

2008 Dez Bryant vs 2010 Justin Blackmon

But Blackmon is on pace to shatter those marks. Despite his one-game suspension this season against Kansas State, he still leads the FBS with 1,285 receiving yards, which translates to a staggering average of 160.6 per game. He’s never had a game this year with fewer than 125 receiving yards, and has at least one visit to paydirt via a reception in every game played in 2010.

Blackmon looks even more impressive when you compare him to one of the best single-season receiving performances in recent memory. In 2007, Texas Tech freshman wideout Michael Crabtree took the sport by storm, compiling 1,962 receiving yards (a Big 12 single-season record) and 22 touchdowns. That equates to nearly 151 yards per game, a pace that Blackmon is ahead of through eight contests.

Oklahoma State has four remaining games this year, including a bowl game. That means Blackmon is on pace for roughly 1,927 yards this season, which would fall just short of the conference record.

If he continues his pace of nearly 161 receiving yards per game, however, he’ll set a new mark in that regard. Essentially, Blackmon’s one-game suspension will likely keep him just short of staking claim to the best receiving season in Big 12 history.