Giancarlo Stanton's 490-foot home run: How it measures up

Putting Giancarlo Stanton’s 490-foot home run against the Philadelphia Phillies on Friday night into context:

It was the second-longest home run in the major leagues in the time that Stanton, who made his debut in 2010, has been a major leaguer. The only longer home run was a 494-foot shot -- also hit by Stanton – in August 2012 at Coors Field. Third on that list is another player of note, Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels, who hit a 489-foot home run in June 2014.

Stanton’s home run Friday was the longest in the majors this season by 19 feet.

The 490-footer was the longest home run in the history of Marlins Park, which opened in 2012.

This was Stanton's 31st home run calculated at 450 feet or longer. In the time that he has been in the major leagues, only three teams have more home runs of that length.

Stanton's 31 home runs calculated at 450 feet or longer are almost twice as many as the next-closest player in the time Stanton has been in the major leagues.

ESPN’s Home Run Tracker calculates the true distance of home runs, along with the initial speed of the hit off the bat and the angle at which the ball left the bat. Inputs include atmospheric information (temperature and wind speed and direction) and observation data. Stats & Information has home run distances (except for inside-the-park home runs) beginning with the 2006 season.