Nevada staying close to Boise will be a win

When Boise State takes the field on Friday at Nevada, they'll do so having not trailed in more than 36 straight quarters of game action.

The fourth quarter of the Broncos' season opener against Virginia Tech was the last time that Boise was behind on the scoreboard -- at the 1:10 mark, Boise State trailed 30-26. At the 1:09 mark, Austin Pettis went into the end zone for a 32-30 lead. The Broncos tacked on the extra point and haven't faced a deficit since.

Boise State Lead
When Opponent First Scored
This Season

That's 541 straight minutes without trailing. If you had enough Boise football in that time, you could watch the entire Godfather trilogy instead -- all three movies have a total 537 minute combined running time.

The next-longest active streak without trailing belongs to BYU. The Cougars have gone four straight games (240 minutes) since losing to TCU on Oct. 16.

If Nevada takes a lead on Boise State this Friday, they could stun the Broncos by putting them in an unfamiliar position. In fact if Nevada can score first, it'll be the first time Boise State wasn't the first-scoring team all year.

In all but two of Boise State's games, they've had at least a two-touchdown lead before their opponent even tallied a point. And in more than half the games, the game was already at least a 37-point contest before the opponent's goose egg came off the board (if it did at all).