Patriots, Falcons, Packers finish season atop FPI ranks

Getty Images

Below are ESPN's NFL Football Power Index rankings after Week 17. For an explanation of FPI and how it is created, please read this article.

As a reminder, NFL FPI is a forward-looking power rating designed to measure team strength and project performance going forward. In the simplest sense, FPI answers the question, "If two teams met on a neutral field, which one would win and by how many points?"

Each team's rating represents how many points above or below average it is, based on opponent-adjusted measures of offensive, defensive and special-teams performance on a per-play basis. Subtracting any two teams' ratings equates to a predicted point margin between those teams on a neutral field.

Like most power ratings, FPI looks beyond a team's win-loss record to determine how it won its games and against whom those wins came. Therefore, FPI doesn't care if Team A lost more games than Team B, or if Team A lost to Team B earlier in the season. Ultimately, FPI's goal is to accurately predict games and season outcomes, and the rating is simply a means for those projections.

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