Vick, Jackson fake out Cowboys in win

DeSean Jackson

JacksonDeSean Jackson had another huge game for the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday night in a 30-27 win over the Dallas Cowboys. Jackson had four catches for a career-high 210 yards, the third-highest single-game total in franchise history. And he did most of that damage off of play-action fakes.

In fact, when Michael Vick used play-action he was 3-for-3 for 173 yards and a 91-yard touchdown when targeting Jackson, completing just one of the five passes he threw Jackson’s way without the play fake.

Overall, Vick had a 104.2 passer rating and two touchdown passes using play-action and averaged nearly 19 yards per attempt. Without the play-action fake, his rating was 49.5 without a touchdown and just 5.1 yards per pass attempt.

Michael Vick Passing with Play-Action
By Target This Season

That continues a trend where Vick uses play-action fakes to freeze the defense and allow Jackson to outrun the coverage.

Vick is over five times more likely to throw a play-action TD to Jackson than anyone else, and he averaged an incredible 57.7 yards per attempt to Jackson on Sunday.

And when the Eagles didn’t fake the run, LeSean McCoy ran all over the Cowboys defense, especially up the middle. McCoy rushed for 120 yards on 12 attempts between the tackles Sunday night (10.0 yards per attempt). Dallas entered Week 14 having allowed only 3.0 yards per attempt up the middle this season, third-lowest in the NFL.