Vikings figure out how to stop Vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick didn’t have any miracle finishes in him against the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday night.

We can sum up Vick’s performance in a few different ways, with the aid of our video review crew.

When Vick tried to throw the ball downfield, more often than not, he failed. Vick went 5-for-16 with an interception on passes that traveled at least 10 yards in the air.

Most of those attempts went the way of wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Vick threw the ball Jackson’s way 12 times, but completed only two passes for 32 yards. Jackson was overthrown twice and underthrown twice, and also dropped one of those pass attempts. Vick made five attempts to get Jackson the ball by throwing it 21 yards or further. None of those tries were successful.

Michael Vick: This Season

In fact, Vick has completed just five of his last 21 attempts to the two-time Pro Bowl selection over the last two weeks.

One of the strategies that the Vikings used to keep Vick bottled up was to blitz from the secondary. Minnesota used a defensive back or safety as a blitzer 16 times, and netted as many sacks (four) as it allowed completed passes. Vick was only able to scramble away twice, managing 14 yards on those runs, but no game-breaking gains.

In contrast to Vick’s struggles, Vikings quarterback Joe Webb managed an efficient game and handled the blitz to earn his first NFL win. He was 10-for-13 for 84 yards when the Eagles sent at least five pass rushers at him.

Webb was aided by running back Adrian Peterson. The Eagles spent much of the game defending with a seven-man box and Peterson made them pay. He averaged nearly eight yards per carry against that line, an increase from the 4.5 yards he’d averaged prior to that.

The Eagles had won five straight and eight of their past nine games against the Vikings prior to Tuesday. Philladelphia also had its six-game home win streak against the Vikings snapped. The last time the Vikings won a road game in Philadelphia was December 1, 1985. Webb was born nearly a year later on November 13, 1986.