The most foolish baseball question…

Tim Kurkjian is famous around the ESPN offices for coming up with offbeat sports questions and posing them to his colleagues.

In the past, he's asked how many times would an ordinary citizen make contact against 100 Randy Johnson pitches (ZERO!), whether Devin Hester could return a kickoff for a touchdown, if an actual bear stood in his way at the 50-yard line (answers vary), how many shots would we stop in the World Cup penalty kicks session (ZERO, again!) and whether his family could protect a 20-point lead against the current Lakers, with two minutes to play in the fourth quarter.

Tim's concern for the latter is how his mother would fare trying to box out Pau Gasol ("I've done the math," he says. "We're not winning.")

Today's baseball-related question, asked on "First Take," is a doozy.

Could the Baseball Tonight roster of former players (Nomar Garciaparra, Aaron Boone, Eduardo Perez, John Kruk, and Chris Singleton, with Orel Hershiser pitching, Tim Kurkjian catching, First Take host Jay Crawford in right field, and Karl Ravech in left field) in their current state of physical fitness, protect a 10-run lead against the 2010 Yankees heading into the bottom of the eighth inning.

What's our win probability? Please discuss.