The Closer: hump-day edition

Some of Wednesday's best notes from around the big leagues...

Why Cardinals Starter Adam Wainwright Won:
- Stayed ahead of hitters: against 25 batters, threw 18 first-pitch strikes (72 percent) and reached a 2-0 count just twice (8 percent).
- Hitters went 0-7 (3 K) vs curveball (.122 BA against curve in 2009).

Why Rays Starter Matt Garza Won:
- Kept himself in the game: 8 innings pitched is longest of season by a starter and Garza's longest in his last 12 starts.
- Good slider control: 79 percent for strikes (11-14) and 57 percent of pitches out of the zone were chased by hitters.
- Lefty power shut down: Orioles left-handed hitters were 1-16 (.063), including Nick Markakis and Luke Scott (combined 0-7, 4 K).

Hitter of the Night:
Edgar Renteria, SF: 5-5, BB, 2 RBI.
- 4th career 5-hit game, including 2 hits off curveballs. Through 2 games this season, he has 3 hits against curveballs.
- Renteria was 3-31 (.097) against curveballs last season. He obviously did some work this offseason as he is a perfect 3-3 in 2010 against Uncle Charlie.