The Closer: Morrow, Fister with no-hit bids

A couple of pitchers, who are not exactly household names, took no-hitters into the 6th inning and later... we break down why they found success Monday.

Why Blue Jays starter Brandon Morrow won:

- Threw 71.1 pct strikes, up from 59.1 pct in his first two starts.

- Had a great fastball, especially compared to his first two starts this season. Hitters missed 23.3 percent of Morrow's fastballs Monday after missing on just 10.6 percent in his first 2 starts. That resulted in 6 K Monday on fastballs as opposed to just 2 K on fastballs in his 1st 2 starts.

- Took no-hitter into 6th inning.

Why Mariners starter Doug Fister won:

- 72 pct first-pitch strikes (18 of 25 hitters, MLB average is 58 pct).

- 64 pct of 0-1 counts became 0-2 counts (MLB average is 47 pct).

- Chase pct of 31.0 (11.7 in his first two starts).

- Miss pct of 12.5 (8.3 and 10.2 in his first two starts).

- Took no-hitter into 7th inning.

Why Cardinals starter Brad Penny won:

- Mixed it up: Threw just 56.6 pct fastballs, down from 69.1 pct in his first two starts.

- Good idea: Opponents went 6-16, 3 2B vs his fastball, but just 2-12, all singles, vs offspeed stuff (allowed six hits vs fastballs in first two starts combined).

Hitter of the Night:

Jose Bautista, TOR: 2-4, 2 HR, BB, 5 RBI

Toronto's Jose Bautista hit his second and third HR of the season Monday against the Royals. Ten of the eleven pitches he saw were fastballs, and with good reason; Bautista entered the game hitting just .107 against fastballs through 13 games. Monday Bautista hit both HR against the fastball.