Perspective on the SEC's rare streak

The SEC may not need any more love, but here's some perspective on the conference's current stretch of dominance that just has to be shared.

Most college football fans know by now that the SEC has won an unprecedented five straight national championships.

No conference had won more than three in a row before this.

More impressive is that four different SEC schools - the Auburn Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators and LSU Tigers - have won the national title in the last four years.

Did you know that only one other conference has four active members that have won the AP national championship in the last 50 years? That's the Big Ten.

From 1961-2010, the current Big Ten members to win the AP title are the Ohio State Buckeyes (2002, 1968), Michigan Wolverines (1997), Nebraska Cornhuskers (1995, 1994, 1971, 1970) and Penn State Nittany Lions (1986, 1982).

And those who know a little about college football history will immediately recognize that the Cornhuskers and Nittany Lions won all of their championships before joining the Big Ten.

To be fair, the Big 12 (rather than the Big Ten) would be the only other conference with four if Nebraska and Colorado hadn't just joined a new league in the offseason, but you can add that to the many casualties of realignment.

In all, the SEC has had six different schools win the national championship since 1980, and all did it as an SEC member.

Over the last 50 years, the only other conference to have more than two schools win the AP title while a member of that conference is … the defunct Big 8 (Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado).

Nebraska did not win the AP title while in the Big 12 - all of Nebraska's AP championships came while in the Big 8.