Rodgers shines in Week 4 Total QBR report

ESPN’s new metric, Total QBR, takes you through the good, the great and the ugly quarterback play in Week 4 of the NFL season:

Aaron Rodgers -- 96.2 Total QBR in 49-23 win vs. Broncos

Aaron Rodgers

RodgersRodgers had a spectacular game, accounting for 408 yards and four touchdowns through the air with another 36 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. While he threw one interception, Rodgers accounted for 21 first downs and led Green Bay to six touchdowns on the nine drives he was on the field.

Among the over 900 games in which a QB has had at least 40 action plays since 2008, Rodgers’ (52 action plays Sunday) rating was the second-highest, behind only Drew Brees back in 2009.

Matt Hasselbeck -- 97.8 Total QBR in 31-13 win at Browns

While Hasselbeck’s box-score numbers may not impress, he made large contributions when the game was close on the relatively few action plays he was involved (just 21 for the game). In the first half, Hasselbeck was 8-12 for 194 yards and three touchdowns with no turnovers and no sacks, helping the Titans jump out to a 21-6 lead.

Highest Total QBR in Single Game
Minimum 15 Plays This Season

He didn’t do much in the second half (even throwing an interception), but all those plays came with the game mostly decided -- the Titans had a win probability over 90 percent for the entire second half.

Total QBR rewards Hasselbeck for making winning plays early that put the game away, and doesn’t penalize him much for his so-so play when the game was basically out of reach.

It may seem weird Hasselbeck’s Total QBR is higher than Rodgers’, but Total QBR is a rate statistic evaluating quarterbacks on a per-play basis. Rodgers had by far more TOTAL value by virtue of his efficiency over 52 action plays, but Hasselbeck was slightly more efficient on a per-play basis.

Mark Sanchez -- 0.6 Total QBR in 34-17 loss at Ravens

Sanchez had a terrible outing, fumbling four times (losing three) and throwing an interception, in addition to going just 11-35 for 119 yards. Three of those turnovers resulted directly in return touchdowns for the Ravens. “Sanchize” led the Jets to a grand total of three points on 15 offensive drives.

Lowest Total QBR in Single Game
Minimum 40 Plays, Since 2008

He had 46 action plays Sunday -- a high number for such a poor rating. Usually, when a QB is playing that badly (Sanchez’s Total QBR never rose above 2.7 at any point Sunday), he does not get that many opportunities (i.e. he gets pulled if he doesn’t start playing better).

In fact, among the 909 games since 2008 in which a QB has had at least 40 action plays, Sanchez’ 0.6 Total QBR was the absolute lowest!