Harbaugh has history of clashes

On Sunday following the San Francisco 49ers 25-19 win over the Detroit Lions, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to be separated on the field. Harbaugh enthusiastically celebrated his come-from behind-win following the postgame handshake, which Schwartz found inappropriate and resulted in a heated exchange.

Here are some other notable heated exchanges involving Harbaugh during his career as a NFL quarterback and college coach.


While quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 1992, Harbaugh called an audible at the line with the Bears ahead 20-0 that resulted in an interception returned for a touchdown against the Vikings. That play led to a sideline confrontation between Harbaugh and Bears head coach Mike Ditka as Harbaugh was under strict orders not to audible at the Metrodome. That play sparked a Vikings rally as they came back to beat the Bears 21-20.


While quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts in 1997, Harbaugh missed several weeks of the season with a broken hand following an altercation with former Bills quarterback and then NBC TV analyst Jim Kelly. It was a result of comments made by Kelly publicly questioning Harbaugh's heart and toughness, which led to a scuffle between the two before a game in Indianapolis.


While head coach at Stanford University in 2009, Harbaugh led the Cardinal to a 55-21 victory over USC at the Los Angeles Coliseum. After the game, Harbaugh and then-Trojans coach Pete Carroll met at midfield and exchanged words as a result of Harbaugh electing to attempt a two-point conversion late in the game despite being ahead a large margin.