The Closer: Johnny be good

Johnny Cueto had never thrown over 8 innings in his career, but Tuesday he was on fire with 8 strikeouts and 0 walks... for his 1st career shutout and the first 1-hit shutout by a Reds pitcher since John Smiley in 1996. In this edition of The Closer we break down how Cueto got it done.

Why Johnny Cueto won:

- Cueto missed bats: 14 of 31 (45 percent) swings on fastballs were missed (MLB average: 14 percent)
- 10 of 25 (40 percent) swings by LHB were missed (MLB average: 19 percent)
- 25 percent of pitches swung on the strike zone were missed (MLB average: 14 percent)

Why Daisuke Matsuzaka won:

- Did not issue a walk (averaged 3.1 BB in previous seven starts)
- 14 swing and misses (eight in each of his first two starts)
- Averaged 91.7 MPH on fastball (highest average FB speed in a start since October 16th, 2008)

Why Cliff Lee won:

- Retired seven of eight leadoff batters
- Did not allow a walk (has not issued a walk in his 22.1 IP this season)
- Did not allow a HR (has not allowed a home run in his last 63.1 IP, including the postseason)
- Orioles hitters were 0-for-12 on pitches "away" tonight. For the season, opposing hitters are 0-for-35 on pitches "away"