The Closer: Is Stephen king?

Stephen Strasburg has pitched in 7 games between AA and AAA and thus far he's lived up to the hype. He's won 5 of 7 starts and hasn't allowed a run since being called up to Triple-A Syracuse. He has 40 strikeouts and only 8 walks during his time in the minors.

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Pitched for Syracuse Triple-A Wednesday

Why Rays starter David Price won:
- Highest ground ball percentage of any start in career (78.9 percent; previous high was 65.2)
- Highest percentage of pitches in the strike zone in career (65.8 percent; previous high was 61.0)
- Highest first strike percentage in any start this season (68 percent)

Why Reds starter Homer Bailey won:
- Efficiency: Threw just 90 pitches, 73 for strikes. Bailey's strike pct of 81.1 was the highest in a CG of 9 IP or more since Johan Santana in 2005 (92 pitches, 76 strikes, 82.6 strike pct). From Elias: the 17 balls are the fewest in a shutout of 9+ IP since 2000.
- Did not go to a three-ball count on any hitter. Threw just 12 pitches when behind in the count (eight on 1-0 and two each on 2-0 and 2-1).
- Bailey, as he normally does, relied almost exclusively on his fastball. He threw 71 of them Wednesday against Pittsburgh, 56 for strikes, despite the fact that just 38 were in the strike zone. Of the 33 fastballs Bailey threw out of the zone, Pirates hitters swung at 18, putting only three in play, with none going for hits.hitters swung at 18, putting only three in play, with none going for hits.

Miguel Olivo is tonight's hitter of the night. The 31 year old Dominican catcher has found new life in the mile-high city this season, slugging .524 with an OPS of .850. Olivo has found much of his success this season against the fastball.

Miguel Olivo

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