Romo sets NFL season high for Total QBR

Matthew Emmons/US Presswire

Tony Romo was dominant Sunday in the Cowboys thrashing of the Bills

Week 10 was a good one for quarterbacks as four topped 90 in Total QBR led by Tony Romo, who set an NFL-high for this season with a QBR of 99.3.

As in any game where a quarterback’s QBR is over 99, Romo did many things well. Among them was his ability to complete long passes down field. He was 6-6 on passes that traveled at least 11 yards down field, 4-4 on passes that traveled at least 21 yards and 2-2 on passes that traveled at least 31 yards (both for touchdowns). In the first half with the game still in question, Romo was 18-19 including a perfect 7-7 on third downs that all went for first downs. Romo did not fumble and was not sacked or intercepted.

Highest Total QBR Since 2008

This was only the third time since 2008 a QB has had a 99+ QBR in a game with at least 25 action plays.

Matt Schaub had the second highest QBR this week at 93.9. Like Romo, Schaub was dominant in almost every area. He was also great on deep balls, going 3-3 on passes that traveled at least 11 yards in the air. This includes the first play from scrimmage where Schaub completed an 80-yard touchdown pass to Jacoby Jones -- 33 of which came in the air.

A week after posting a Total QBR of 47.4 in his first start for the Raiders, Carson Palmer was third among all quarterbacks this week with a QBR of 92.8. Palmer was perfect throwing the deep ball Thursday, going 4-4 on passes 21+ yards downfield for 146 yards, 134 of which came in the air, and two touchdowns.

One of the most interesting QBRs of the week goes to Tim Tebow. Despite completing just two of eight passes for 69 yards, Tebow finished with a 73.3 QBR on 19 action plays. Because Tebow had so few action plays, his QBR was heavily influenced by his one touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter with the game close. Entering the play Tebow’s QBR was 18.2, but due to the increased leverage of the play and the lack of involvement prior, Tebow increased his QBR to 75.9 with just one pass. QBR is a rate statistic, so the fewer the plays the more each play is weighted.

For more information about how Total QBR is calculated, go here.