Moore is better; 98.0 QBR best in Week 11

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

After an 0-7 start, Matt Moore has led the Dolphins to three straight wins

Highest Total QBR in Single Game
Minimum 10 Action Plays, This Season

Total QBR is a rate statistic. These QBs did not have the most TOTAL value, but played the most efficiently on a RATE basis in a single game. All on this list had fewer than 30 action plays in their given game, which helps them keep up their efficiency numbers more than QBs with 30, 40, or 50+ action plays in a game.

Matt Moore helped put the game away early, leading the Dolphins to touchdowns on each of their first three drives. On those drives, he went 7-9 for 128 yards and two touchdowns. All seven of those completions went for first downs and 108 of those 128 yards came on the strength of his arm, including five completions that went at least 12 yards in the air.

This is the second time in three weeks that Matt Moore has had a game with a Total QBR near 98 –- he had a 97.7 two weeks ago in Kansas City. In fact, using a very small minimum of 10 QB action plays in a game, Moore has two of the five highest-rated games this season.

Aaron Rodgers had another solid performance on Sunday, going 23-34 for 299 yards and three touchdowns. While less than half of his yards came on the strength of his arm (158 yards were YAC), 15 of his 23 completions went for first downs and two of his incompletions were actually drops. Rodgers finished with a Total QBR of 82.9 –- excellent for anyone else, but actually his fourth lowest in 10 games this season.

Rodgers has had a Total QBR of 80 or higher in nine of his 10 games this season. This is quite amazing since no other QB has had more than five such games so far in 2011.

Jay Cutler

CutlerOne of the best quarterback duels of the season happened in Chicago Sunday between Jay Cutler (18-31, 286 yards, two passing touchdowns, one rushing touchdown) and Philip Rivers (21-31, 280 yards, two passing touchdowns). Both threw interceptions (one for Cutler, two for Rivers), but each of those came with less than 10 minutes left in an 11-point game and were relatively less costly because they came at a time when the game was pretty much out of reach (the Chargers’ win probability was 16 percent or below for all of the final 10 minutes of the game).

Both quarterbacks made great plays through the air while not taking any sacks. Cutler finished with five completions that traveled at least 22 yards in the air from the line of scrimmage, and 15 of his 18 completions resulted in first downs. Rivers completed four passes that went 23+ yards in the air -- including a 47-yard bomb to Vincent Jackson that traveled 43 yards from the line of scrimmage -- all in the middle of a close game.

This was the first game this year and the fourth since 2008 in which both starting quarterbacks finished with Total QBRs above 90.