SEC dominates conference rankings

There is no debating that the SEC is currently the top conference in the nation. After a weekend in which three of the top five teams in the BCS Standings lost, the SEC came out victorious on the field and in the polls.

The SEC now has the top three teams in the polls after Alabama and Arkansas jumped to 2nd and 3rd respectively. No conference has ever had the top three teams in the BCS Standings, and the last time that three teams from the same conference were 1-2-3 in the AP Poll was 1971, when Nebraska, Oklahoma and Colorado from the Big 8 were atop the final AP Poll.

The SEC’s dominance in the polls is reflected in ESPN Stats & Info’s Conference Power Rankings. The SEC has opened a season-high 7.8 point lead over the Big 12 after losses by Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Although the computers continue to favor the Big 12, the SEC is dominant in the AP Poll, receiving 2,828 more AP points than any other conference.

The Mountain West Conference gained the most from the mayhem this past weekend. Boise State climbed back into the top seven of the AP Poll as Oklahoma, Clemson and Oregon all fell out of the top seven after their losses.

The Mountain West Conference is 30.9 points ahead of the Big East (which does not have a team ranked in the AP Poll for the second straight week) and is within 4.3 points of the ACC. With discussions of changes to the BCS system and the policy of automatic qualifiers, the success of the Mountain West Conference as a whole has come at a valuable time.

Look for more mayhem and upsets next weekend as six different games feature a matchup of Top 25 teams. Arkansas looks to create a three-way tie atop the SEC West and further complicate things in the BCS Standings by beating LSU on Friday. Additionally, inter-conference rivalry games such as Georgia-Georgia Tech and Clemson-South Carolina have the ability to drastically change the conference power rankings next week.

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ESPN Stats & Info Week 12 Conference Power Rankings