D'Backs Chasing '96 Tigers HR Record

Through 48 games this season, the Arizona Diamondbacks have surrendered 82 home runs – 26 more than any other team in baseball. Their starting pitchers alone have given up 52 home runs, more than all but 3 OTHER ENTIRE PITCHING STAFFS have given up this season. By surrendering an average of 1.708 long balls per game, Arizona is on pace to allow a staggering 276 home runs this season, 35 more than the MLB record set by the 1996 Tigers.

Most HR Allowed

MLB History

The ’96 Tigers went on to lose 109 games, which at the time was a franchise record. On that staff of luminaries, no one who made at least 25 appearances had an ERA below 4.18. Ten different pitchers allowed at least 10 home runs, and their team ERA of 6.38 is also an MLB record. Think of it this way: the 2003 Tigers lost 119 games, and their team ERA was over a run better (5.30) than the ’96 team.

'96 Tigers vs '10 D'Backs

In 1996, the American League average for HR allowed was 195.6. The Tigers’ total of 241 was 23.0 percent above that mark. So how much worse are the D-Backs compared to the league average? It’s truly staggering. The NL average for HR allowed is currently 43.1. Arizona’s total of 82 home runs allowed is nearly double that – a 90.3 percent difference.

In the month of May alone, the D-Backs have allowed 45 home runs. Only 11 other MLB teams have given up more than 45 home runs all season long. Just isolating the Diamondbacks’ starting pitchers this season, the home runs allowed total would make them tied for 5th-highest in all of baseball.

Most HR Allowed - 2010 Season

Arizona surrendered just 168 home runs last season. That total is on pace to be broken on July 25th. Their team record for HR allowed is 197. That record is on pace to be broken August 12th. Staff ace Dan Haren has surrendered 16 homers already this season, more than half-way to his career-high for a single season. It might be a long summer in the Valley of the Sun.