The Closer: Rocky Mountain Cy

Despite winning his 13th game in 14 starts, Ubaldo Jiménez did not have a particularly stellar outing Thursday. In this edition of The Closer, we'll show you why Jiménez should NOT have won against the Twins.

- Overall strike percentage of 57.3 (63 of 110), his second-lowest of the season.

- Couldn't work the outside: Only 40% of pitches were considered "away", and he left 28.2% of pitches over the middle of the plate horizontally. That's his highest in 18 starts (including postseason).

- Delmon Young's single in the second was the first hit off Jiménez' slider in six games.

- Seven hits allowed on fastballs (most of the season); Twins put 55% of their swings in play and whiffed only ONCE against Ubaldo's heater.

- Had eight 3-1 counts, and was behind 14 of the 29 batters he faced at some point during the at-bat.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Ubaldo Jiménez joins a short list of pitchers in the live ball era to win 13 of his first 14 starts. The last to do so was Roger Clemens in 1986 when he went on to win BOTH the AL Cy Young and AL MVP awards.

Won 13 of First 14 Starts

Live Ball Era (since 1920)