Nine key holes for Tiger at Masters

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The 16th hole is the only par-3 at Augusta National Golf Club where Tiger Woods has shot below par in 15 professional trips to the Masters.Earlier today, Farrell Evans postulated that the key for Tiger Woods at the Masters will be his play on the par-3s and par-4s. Stats & Information looks at the holes that are most important for Tiger to tame this weekend.

Tiger Woods Career at Masters
Key Holes on Front Nine

1st Hole, Tea Olive (Par 4, 445 yards)

Don't be surprised if Woods struggles on the first hole Thursday. Tiger has birdied the first just four times in his professional career and has shot over par 19 times. Woods’ 16-over on the first since 1997 is his worst cumulative score on any hole at Augusta.

3rd Hole, Flowering Peach (Par 4, 350 yards)

The shortest par-4 on the course, Woods has shot 8-under on the third, tied for his best score on Augusta’s par-4s. His 16 birdies are his most on any par-4 on the course.

4th Hole, Flowering Crab Apple (Par 3, 240 yards)

The longest par-3 on the course is also Tiger's least favorite. His 13-over on the fourth since 1997 is his worst on any of Augusta’s par-3s and his second-worst hole on the course. Woods hasn’t birdied the fourth since the second round of the 2004 Masters, his longest birdie drought on any hole at Augusta.

Tiger Woods Career at Masters
10th Through 12th Holes

10th Hole, Camellia (Par 4, 495 yards)

There are five holes at Augusta that Woods has played seven over par or worse in his pro career, including the first three holes on the back nine. Woods hasn’t birdied the 10th twice in a single Masters.

11th Hole, White Dogwood (Par 4, 505 yards)

The 11th hole has been Woods’ third-most likely bogey hole at Augusta. Tiger hasn’t birdied the 11th since the fourth round of the 2008 Masters.

12th Hole, Golden Bell (Par 3, 155 yards)

Despite being the shortest par-3 at Augusta, Woods has carded three double bogeys or worse on the 12th in his pro career, his most on any hole of the course. Woods has birdied the 12th just once in the 2000s (2005, third round).

Tiger Woods Career at Masters
Key Holes Down the Stretch

14th Hole, Chinese Fir (Par 4, 440 yards)

Woods is 1-under par on the 14th in his pro career, his closest hole to par on the course. Tiger shot 2-under on 14 in 2011, the first time he had done so since his first Masters win in 1997.

16th Hole, Redbud (Par 3, 170 yards)

Woods has shot par at the 16th 49 out of 60 times (82 percent), his highest par rate on the course. Woods has scored par in each round of his last two Masters.

17th Hole, Nandina (Par 4, 440 yards)

Tiger has shot 5-over on 17 in the final round (compared to 3-under in the first three rounds) and has never birdied on Sunday. It’s his second-worst score on a hole in the final round of the Masters.