Dude, where's my Car-los?

The name Carlos used to evoke an image of power and strength. But no more.

Carlos Delgado is hurting. Carlos Beltran is hurting. Carlos Quentin and Carlos Zambrano were hurting (Zambrano showed power and strength in attacking a Gatorade cooler). Carlos Pena led the AL in home runs, but is coming off a season with a .227 batting average, and I’ve read some say he’s heading into a decline coming into his free agent season. Carlos Lee produced, with a .300 batting average and 26 home runs (his fewest since 2002), but his teams win total declined by 12 from 2008 to 2009 and finished with just 75 victories. Carlos Guillen played in his fewest games (81) since 2000.

Over the last three seasons, the Carlos’s have slugged 502 home runs. Only one first name has slugged more home runs than that, and we’ll note which that is at the conclusion of this post.

What we’re left to wonder for 2010 is a question which we pose to you.

Can you tell us which Carlos will hit the most home runs in 2010?

The lead candidate for the top spot would seem to be Pena, and his three straight 30+ home run seasons (a Carlos has hit 30+ every year since 1997), but is it not possible that Lee could maintain the consistent level necessary to wrest away the top spot (he’s hit 25+ in eight straight seasons)?

Or could Quentin hit home runs at the same rate that netted him 36 in 2008? Beltran would seem to be a longshot, and Zambrano would be good for some yuks, but a fun pick might be a year or so away- top Indians catching prospect Carlos Santana hit 23 in Double-A last season.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section, or vote in our "Carlos" poll.

And by the way, the first name with most home runs over the last three seasons: Ryan, with 617.