Standing tall for Marlins, Mets, others

As we enter the third month of the season, here are some notes on the current major-league baseball standings that struck us as interesting:

• There are 19 teams with a .500 or better record right now. That sounds more impressive than it actually is. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the last time 19 teams were .500 or better at this point in a season was after games were finished on July 31, 2010.

• There are eight teams with 30 or 31 wins, but only two (Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers) with more than 31 wins.

• There are 14 teams either in the Wild Card lead or within 3½ games of a wild card spot (not including the six division leaders).

On Pace to Lose 100+ Games

• There are three teams on pace to lose at least 100 games this season: Minnesota Twins, Chicago Cubs, San Diego Padres.

The only time in the last 25 seasons that three-or-more teams finished with at least 100 losses in a season was 2002, when a record four teams had 100-plus losses.

• All of the teams in the AL East and NL East are .500 or better. According to Elias, this is the latest into a season that every team is .500 or better in those divisions.

• It’s not how you start, but how you do after you start. Want proof?

- The Detroit Tigers started 9-3. They have since gone 16-26.

- The Kansas City Royals started 3-14. They have since gone 20-15

- The Boston Red Sox started 12-19. They have since gone 16-7

• The Miami Marlins have more wins since May 1 than Cubs, Padres and Twins do all season. The Marlins also have as many wins since May 1 (23) as Royals, Oakland Athletics, Houston Astros and Colorado Rockies do all season.

• The Pittsburgh Pirates are over .500 at 27-26. Their last winning season was 1992. They were over .500 as late as August 1 last year (54-53).

• The Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, and Pirates are above .500 but are being outscored on the season. Last year, the only team to finish with a winning record and a negative run differential was the San Francisco Giants (86-76, -8).

• The Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees and Rangers are the only AL teams over .500 at home and on road. Last year, six AL teams had winning records both at home and on the road.

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