Dempster looking for help tonight on SNB

The last three times Ryan Dempster has started a game against the St. Louis Cardinals, the Chicago Cubs have scored one run in each game. The Cubs will probably need more than that if they expect to complete a sweep of their rivals tonight on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN.

In his one start against them this season, his offense had the misfortune of facing Adam Wainwright, en route to a 9-1 loss.

In 2009, he faced Chris Carpenter twice. Both times the Cubs lost the game, 2-1 (Dempster lost one, Carlos Marmol lost the other).

Ryan Dempster

Pitches Out of Zone, 2010 NL Ranks

The Cardinals have won six of Chris Carpenter's last seven starts against the Cubs, including four straight.

Inside Edge video tracking has Chris Carpenter ranking 2nd in MLB in strikeouts with breaking balls (curves and sliders for him specifically). Francisco Liriano leads with 104 followed by Carpenter with 99 and then there's Adam Wainwright with 97.

Albert Pujols homered twice in his last meeting against Ryan Dempster (May 30). Prior to that, he'd homered just twice in 47 plate appearances against him. Pujols was hitless in eight at-bats in the two losses against the Cubs this series. He has NEVER gone hitless in all 3 games of a series against the Cubs.