Quick look at Monday's key starters

Since starting the season 7-0, Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Silva has hit the wall in July. Silva is 1-2 with an 8.44 ERA in July and opposing hitters are hammering his fastball to a .438 BA (14-32).

After an up-and-down May and June, Chicago White Sox pitcher John Danks 3-1 with a 2.51 ERA in July. The lefty has been especially tough on right-handed batters, holding them to a .127 BA (9-71) this month.

Monday starter Joel Pineiro lost to Boston earlier this season (May 5), with a David Ortiz home run proving to be the game-winning RBI. In his career, Ortiz has hit .440 (11-25) off PiƱeiro, with three homers (only Manny Ramirez has more). Both hits in the earlier game came on 1-1 counts, which has proven to be Papi's favorite count this season (.474; 2-0 is next at .417).

The Angels are last in the majors at hitting split-finger fastballs (.067, 3-for-45), and their OPS on the pitch (.144) is less than half that of the 29th-place Tigers. That doesn't bode well against Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, who holds opponents to a lower-than-average .176 against splitters, and has gotten them to chase half the ones he throws outside the strike zone.

In 2010, with two strikes opponents are hitting .224 (15-67) and are slugging .403 (27 TB) against Javier Vazquez's curveball and slider. In 2009, with two strikes opponents hit .158 (29-184) and slugged .207 (38 TB) against his breaking balls.

This season his miss percentage with two strikes against his curveball and slider is 19.4 percent (98 swings, 19 misses, 34 fouls) In 2009, Vazquez's miss percentage with two strikes against his breaking balls was 33.8 percent (237 swings, 80 misses, 67 fouls).

Jake Westbrook faces the Yankees for the first time since the 2007 ALDS. In that game the Yankees only had one swing and miss versus the 79 pitches that Westbrook threw and the Bronx Bombers went 7-16 against his fastball.