Quick look at what's coming up Wednesday

Clay Buchholz has a miss percentage against his changeup of 47.1 (81/172), well above the league average of 31 percent.

Before the All-Star break, Marlon Byrd was hitting .387 (75/194) off the fastball and .290 (18/62) on the slider; after the All-Star break he is hitting .340 (16/47) off the fastball and .154 (2/13) off the slider. Since the All-Star break he is hitting .333 (3/9) on the curveball, compared to .258 (8/31) before the break.

Juan Pierre hit .478 (11/23) against LHP during his 16-game hit streak which ended on Tuesday.

Opponents are hitting .121 against Jered Weaver's changeup (league average: .258) and his strike percentage is 75 percent (league average: 62 percent). For his career, opponents are hitting .177 against his changeup with Weaver throwing the pitch for a strike 54 percent of the time. The Kansas City Royals are hitting just .136 (league average: .258) vs. the changeup this season.

Opponents are hitting .242 (24-99) against Chad Billingsley's curveball in 2010, up from .154 in 2009. Matt Kemp's slugging percentage when ahead in the count is .719 (69/96) (league average: .585).

David Wright is hitting .376 (35-93) vs. lefties this season (league average: .261).

Javier Vazquez is allowing an average of just .086 (3-35) since June 1 against his curveball. Prior to June 1, batters were hitting .333 (12-36) against the pitch.

The Texas Rangers are batting .257 vs sliders, and slugging .368. Opponents are hitting .321 vs. Javier Vazquez's slider, with a slugging percentage of .604.