Does icing kickers work and more NFL Q&A

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What is the field goal accuracy rate after a kicker is “iced” compared to not being “iced?” – asked by @mikeregister

Since 2001 (including the playoffs), kickers have successfully hit field goals at an 81 percent rate when no timeout was called prior to the snap, and 76 percent when a timeout was called.

However, it’s worth noting that the average distance on “iced” kicks is 39 yards, compared to 36 yards on kicks on which timeout was not called.

Also interesting: In overtime, the average distance of kicks after timeouts and kicks with no timeouts called is about the same (37 yards).

In that instance, “icing the kicker” by calling timeout works. Kickers hit only 69 percent when “iced”, 87 percent when they are not.

Who has the most touchdown catches of five yards or less the past three years? – asked by @ACodella130

Since 2010, the leader in “short” touchdown catches is Jimmy Graham with 10. That’s two more than Jason Witten and Aaron Hernandez. Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, Rob Gronkowski, and Calvin Johnson all have seven.

Where does Tom Brady rank in all-time victories for a quarterback? – asked by @solar_wind84

Brady ranks fifth in wins by a starting quarterback with 125. He’s not going to pass any of the top five this season. The leaders are Brett Favre (186), John Elway (148), Dan Marino (147) and Peyton Manning (142).

Which QB has had the most drops by his receivers ? --asked by ‏@Words4Friends

The leader in quarterback drops since the start of last season is defending Super Bowl-champ Eli Manning with 24. That’s two more than Matt Ryan.

Those two have significantly more than anyone else. Josh Freeman ranks third with 18.

What's Michael Vick's career passing QB rating or efficiency when attempting a play action pass? – asked by @phightinfillies

Our data for Vick dates back to 2009. Since the start of that season, Vick’s Total QBR on play-action plays is 62.5, which is ranked 32nd out of 58 qualified quarterbacks.

Vick has the 334 rush yards on 39 rushes with 13 rushing first downs on play- action plays, all of which are the most of any quarterback over that span.

What team has the largest differential between its offensive team rank and defensive team rank? -- asked by @SteveGGerken

The Philadelphia Eagles have gained 416.3 yards per game on offense (fifth- most) and allowed 275.7 yards per game on defense (fifth-fewest) for a positive yard differential of 140.6 yards per game, highest in the NFL.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have gained only 243.7 yards per game on offense (fewest in the NFL) and allowed 400.7 yards per game on defense (seventh- most) for a negative differential of -157 yards per game, lowest in the NFL.

Has a NFL team ever scored exactly four points in a game? -- asked by ‏@CB3278

This definitely won the prize for our most unusual question of the week.

Amazingly, on November 25, 1923 The Chicago Cardinals scored four points in a loss to the Racine Legion. They are the only team to score four points in a game.