NFL fans tweeted and we answered

What running back has the most yards after contact this year? -- @Mark_Bunker

So far this season, Marshawn Lynch has the most yards after contact with 199. That accounts for 47.0 percent of his 423 rushing yards.

What is the % of Yds after contact for Cedric Benson thru 4 games? -- @rspahn4

45.2 percent (103 of 228) of Cedric Benson’s rush yards have come after contact. Benson is averaging 1.6 yards after contact per rush this season. In fact, that was also his averagein in 2010 and 2011.

Since the start of 2010, which QB's have led the most 4th quarter game-tying or gw drives? -- @SirMatzahBoi3

Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez each have 10 game-winning drives in the fourth quarter/OT since 2010. Next on the list are Drew Brees (9), Joe Flacco and Eli Manning (8 each).

Who is the top-scoring NFL team of all time? -- @dariostero

Since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978, the 2007 Patriots hold the single-season record with 589 points. 2011 Packers are second with 560 points. The Chicago Bears own the record for most seasons leading the league in scoring. They’ve led the NFL in scoring 10 seasons, although they haven’t led since 1956.

how many times has Aaron Rodgers thrown for 4+ TD passes in consecutive games. ‏-- @AHein31

Only once has Rodgers thrown 4+ TD passes in consecutive games. Last season, Rodgers threw 4 at San Diego in week 9 and 4 more in Week 10 against the Vikings.

What NFL defensive lineman has the most interceptions? -- @dkotchen

Ron McDole (1961-78) had 12 career interceptions. Among active players, Julius Peppers has the most interceptions among defensive linemen with 8.