Rodgers playing at elite level last 2 weeks

Aaron Rodgers posted a Total QBR of 95.5 in Sunday's win over the St. Louis Rams, his second consecutive game with a Total QBR of 95.0 or better (95.8 at Texans in Week 6).

Over the last five seasons, he is the fourth starting QB to accomplish this feat, and the only one to do it with both games coming on the road.

Consecutive Games of 95+ Total QBR
Starting QBs Over Last 5 Seasons

Each of the three previous players to record consecutive games with a Total QBR of 95.0 or better failed to do it again their next time out.

The Green Bay Packers face the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 8, a team that has allowed the second-most games with 95+ Total QBR over the last five seasons (6).


Drew Brees had a Total QBR of 95.3 on Sunday, his highest of the season.

It was his seventh game with a Total QBR of 95 or better over the last five seasons, second-most in the league.

Brees has improved his Total QBR in each of the last three weeks, leading the New Orleans Saints to back-to-back victories in the process.

Games of 95+ Total QBR
Starting QBs Over Last 5 Seasons

Brees was boosted by his first half Total QBR of 97.7, his best first-half rating since Week 12 of 2009.


Tony Romo had a Total QBR of 85.1 in Sunday's win over the Carolina Panthers, his highest in a game this season and his best since Week 15 of 2011 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (98.3).

John Skelton had a Total QBR of 11.5 in the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Minnesota Vikings. It was the 14th time Arizona had a single-game QBR under 20 since Kurt Warner retired at the end of the 2009 season, tied for most in the NFL over that span (Bears).

• According to ESPN Stats & Information's win probability model, Eli Manning's 77-yard TD pass to Victor Cruz in the final minutes of Sunday's win over the Washington Redskins boosted the New York Giants win probability by 64.7 percent (25.8 to 90.5). That is the third-largest jump on a single play this season.

Joe Flacco had a Total QBR of 0.3 in Sunday's loss to the Houston Texans, the lowest single-game rating in the past five seasons by a QB with at least 30 action plays. Flacco had never posted a Total QBR under 5.0 in his career and hadn’t recorded a game of 10.0 or worse since Week 2 of 2010.


Total QBR can be used to quantify just how important the quarterback position has become to winning in the NFL.

Looking back to previous years, the team with the higher Total QBR has won 86 percent of regular season games since 2008 (as far back as Total QBR goes). That is higher than the comparable mark for teams with the advantage in total yardage, turnover differential, and NFL passer rating.

Keep in mind that just because a team wins a game with a lower QBR than its opponent does not mean that Total QBR was "wrong" or not as good for that game.

That just means that the winning team was able to overcome its quarterback being outperformed by the opposing signal caller (on a rate basis), usually by playing better in other aspects of the game (rushing game, special teams, etc.).

Complete QBR statistics for all quarterbacks can be found here.