Brady, Sanchez on polar ends of spectrum

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Tom Brady shined on Sunday, while Mark Sanchez did not.After the New England Patriots fell behind the St. Louis Rams 7-0, quarterback Tom Brady took over the game as the Patriots outscored the Rams 45-0 the rest of the way.

Brady’s 98.4 Total QBR on Sunday is tied for his highest in a single game over the last five seasons and is the second-highest for any player in 2012, trailing only Alex Smith's Week 5 performance that netted him a 99.2 Total QBR.

Brady has had a penchant for stepping up in big games on the road the last few seasons. Sunday marked the seventh time he’s had a Total QBR above 90 in a road game since 2010 – most in the NFL.


On the opposite end of the spectrum from Brady is New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez. In the Jets’ 30-9 loss to the Dolphins, Sanchez had a Total QBR of 12.1. Since coming into the league in 2009, Sanchez has had 12 games in which his Total QBR was under 15 – most in the NFL.

Most Games with Total QBR Under 15
Since 2009

To put those struggles in some perspective, Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have combined to have one game with a sub-15 Total QBR in that span.


Tony Romo dug himself a hole when he posted a Total QBR of 3.3 in the first half of Sunday’s loss against the Giants (27 action plays). Since 2008, only Andy Dalton in Week 4 of last season has posted that low of a first-half QBR with at least 25 action plays and gone on to win the game.

Matt Ryan had a 95.7 Total QBR in the Falcons’ win against the Eagles, his highest since Week 1 against the Chiefs (97.5). Ryan entered the game with a 45.3 career QBR against Philadelphia, his worst against any team he had faced at least twice previously.

• In their Sunday night matchup, Peyton Manning had a 96.3 Total QBR and Drew Brees posted a 24.2. Manning’s QBR was his highest since Week 15 of 2009 and his second-highest over the last five seasons. Brees’ QBR was his lowest since Week 7 of 2010 and his third-lowest over the last five seasons.

Ben Roethlisberger posted a 90.2 Total QBR in Pittsburgh’s win over the Redskins, his third game with a QBR of 90 or better in 2012. Roethlisberger had no more than two such games in any of the previous four seasons.

Russell Wilson had a career-high 93.7 Total QBR in Seattle’s loss to the Lions. It’s the highest QBR by a player in a loss since Matt Cassel in 2010 (Week 6 - 93.8) and the fourth-highest in a loss over the last five seasons.


Total QBR can be used to quantify just how important the quarterback position has become to winning in the NFL. Looking back to previous years, the team with the higher Total QBR has won 86% of regular season games since 2008 (as far back as Total QBR goes). That is higher than the comparable mark for teams with the advantage in total yardage, turnover differential, and NFL passer rating.

Keep in mind that just because a team wins a game with a lower QBR than its opponent does NOT mean that Total QBR was “wrong” or not as good for that game. That just means that the winning team was able to overcome its QB being outperformed by the opposing QB (on a rate basis), usually by playing better in other aspects of the game (rushing game, special teams, etc.).

Complete QBR statistics for all quarterbacks can be found here..