Trevor's the Hoff-MAN

LAST NAMETrevor Hoffman has played in 1,032 career games in his 18-year career. On Tuesday, he became the first pitcher in major-league history to reach 600 career saves. Here’s an inside look at how he closed out number 600 and some perspective on what the historic feat actually means.


From The Elias Sports Bureau: Hoffman’s 600th save was his 25th against the Cardinals. Excluding Hoffman’s longtime team, the Padres, it’s his fewest saves against any team that has been in the National League throughout his major-league career.

How Trevor Hoffman saved his 600th game against the Cardinals

Trevor Hoffman

Ninth inning vs Cardinals

1. Against Colby Rasmus, Hoffman threw an 85 MPH fastball that Rasmus swung and missed at. After a 78 MPH fastball on 0-1, Rasmus hit a 72 MPH change up to center field. The change up was right down the middle of the plate.

2. Randy Winn pinch hit and saw all fastballs ranging from 83 to 85 MPH. Hoffman was down 2-0 in the count, but went down and away on Winn to get two called strikes. On 2-2, Winn swung at a fastball middle/down and grounded into a six-four-three double play.

3. With two down, Aaron Miles worked a full count before grounding out to the shortstop on an 85 MPH fastball over the middle of the plate for the final out of the game.

Historical Perspective

Most Saves


Taking history one step deeper

On the day Trevor Hoffman earned his first career save (April 29, 1993), Lee Smith was the all-time saves leader. A lot has changed in those 17 years including the all-time saves list. Compare the list on the day Hoffman got his first save to the day he recorded 600 and you’ll see that Hoffman and Yankees closer Mariano Rivera have climbed to the top.

Most Saves All-Time

On Day Hoffman Got First Save

Taking history even further

Joining the 600-club in any category is not a common feat. This chart illustrates that throughout MLB history only 39 players have ever joined a 600 club (Hoffman is the only pitcher).

600-Club Members

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