Vick runs better on pass plays

VickFor the second straight season, the Philadelphia Eagles will start a different quarterback in Week 2 because of an injury. In 2009, Donovan McNabb broke a rib in the season opener and was replaced by Kevin Kolb. Kolb made two starts before McNabb was ready to return. This year, Michael Vick will start for the Eagles against the Detroit Lions, a team Philadelphia has not lost to since Week 11 of the 1986 season (Eagles are 5-0 since that loss).

Eagles starting QB
Last 2 Seasons

Michael Vick Rushing
Sunday vs Packers

NEXT-LEVEL: Up until Kolb’s concussion in Week 1, Vick’s role with the Eagles had been limited. Vick only dropped back to pass 16 times in 58 snaps as the Eagles "specialist" quarterback. In the second half of the Green Bay Packers game, Vick played every snap at quarterback and dropped back to pass 30 of his 38 plays (24 pass attempts, three sacks, three scrambles).

NEXT-LEVEL: Vick did most of his damage on the ground on Sunday when he was scrambling. The Packers didn’t have an answer for Vick when he was looking to pass first, but they were able to contain him when the play was a designed rush, including the crucial fourth-and-one play that ended the game for the Eagles.